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Jump to navigation. It's been a busy month for the DesignHammer team! In addition to business as usual, we've also been giving a few overdue internal tasks some much needed TLC this summer.
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Amy Wilson, from Hebburn, South Tyneside, told her Facebook friends: "I'm in a legit hostage situation" and "This is an actual emergency". A teenager whose boyfriend was threatening to kill her was saved by friends after barricading herself in the bathroom and posting terrified selfies on Facebook. Joshua Knight, 19, warned Amy Wilson, 18, 'I don't want to...
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Jason Mohammad presents live swimming coverage from day two of the games. Jason Mohammad presents live coverage of the swimming from day three of the Olympics.
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Although I am certain the last thing anyone wants to think about today is eating, baking, desserts or the next big cooking holiday, this recipe will usher in what I hope will be a month peppered with ideas for gifty kitchen confections. Also, I finally have...
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Teenmates hammer in kitchen bb
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